Calendar Strategies for Smart Scheduling

July 16 @ 2 : 00 pm - 3 : 00 pm EDT

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Only $149 with 10 access points per registration (10 employees from remote locations may join the live call)

Your Presenter: Melissa Peoples

Calendar Strategies for Smart Scheduling

In a world where time is a precious commodity, effective calendar management is an essential skill for every executive assistant. This one-hour webinar is tailored to transform your approach to calendaring, merging traditional methods with modern tech insights to revolutionize how you organize time. We delve into the intricacies of scheduling, exploring how to balance urgent tasks with long-term planning, and ensuring that each day is a step towards greater organizational success. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • The Logic Behind Efficient Calendaring: Discover the strategies to maximize productivity through logical calendar management.
  • Tips and Tricks for Seamless Scheduling: Uncover the secrets to avoiding common pitfalls and streamlining your scheduling process.
  • Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Efficiency: Explore some indispensable tools that can elevate your calendaring game.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Get answers to your specific calendaring challenges from our expert.


Who Should Attend?

This webinar is perfect for executive assistants at any level who want to enhance their calendaring skills. Whether you’re new to the role or a seasoned professional, you’ll find valuable insights and techniques to apply in your daily routine.

Your Presenter: Melissa Peoples

Melissa Peoples, a pioneering Executive Assistant Coach and Microsoft expert, is revolutionizing the administrative profession. With more than two decades as a C-Suite Executive Assistant, including as Executive Operations Advisor to the CEO of the New York Times, she transforms industry views and administrative strategies. As the leader of M. Peoples Consulting and ‘Admin Gurus’ on YouTube, she boosts assistants’ tech skills to expand their impact. Known for dynamic workshops that tackle industry challenges, she empowers assistants to harness their full potential and confidently take their seat at the table, all delivered with Melissa’s signature blend of strategy and a dash of spiciness. Join Melissa for a fresh perspective and a transformative journey to revolutionize your administrative career.

Price of the workshop includes:

  1. Interactive delivery – ask questions anytime, join in our polls, quizzes, and games in real time
  2. Recording of session (available for 60 days)
  3. 30 days free email one-on-one coaching
  4. Your interactive workbook will be sent to you in advance of the workshop

“This workshop/webinar is in compliance with certification guidelines for PACE, CAP, and CCAP. Please ensure you ask Rhonda for your certification upon completion.”