Effective Email Communication – 1 Hour Webinar

March 26 @ 2 : 00 pm - 3 : 00 pm EDT

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Only $149 with 10 access points per registration (10 employees from remote locations may join the live call)

Your Presenter: Rhonda Scharf

Effective Email Communication (becoming an Email, Ninja)

The average office employee sends and receives over 150 emails each day,which consumes over 11 hours per week!

You’ve probably asked yourself if there must be a way to make that more efficient.

You’re in the right place because there is a way to use email effectively. Notonly will we discuss email etiquette, effective communication strategies, we will discuss ways to prioritize your email as well. By the end of this workshop, you’re going to feel like an Email Ninja! No longer will you be wasting precious time in your inbox.

What you will learn:

Creating compelling, readerfocused emails

Managing your email system effectively and efficientlyDefining common email mistakes (and tricks to avoid them)

Tips to ensure your email doesn’t get deleted

Strategies to keep your email brief without leaving out critical information

After this onehour webinar, you’ll find you spend less time creating, responding, and organizing your email. Your credibility and efficiency in the workplace will increase exponentially. You’ll almost be excited to tackle your inbox each day because you are an Email Ninja.


Price of the workshop includes:

  1. Live Q&A session following presentation
  2. Recording of session (available for 60 days)
  3. 30 days free email one-on-one coaching

“This workshop/webinar is in compliance with certification guidelines for PACE, CAP, and CCAP. Please ensure you ask Rhonda for your certification upon completion.”