Employee Stress Strategies and Solutions – 1 Hour Webinar

June 15 @ 2 : 00 pm - 3 : 00 pm EDT

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Only $149 with 10 access points per registration (10 employees from remote locations may join the live call)

Your Presenter: Rhonda Scharf

Stress Strategies & Solutions

Learn how to manage your stress before it manages you!

In just one day, we will share an individualized approach to coping with personal and professional stress. You will find greater satisfaction in your life (and your job!) in just one day!

We will be actively talking about and sharing some realistic solutions that will work for your very real stress. You won’t be put in any uncomfortable “share with the group” situations , but you will be able to see how to instantly apply your learning to both your work stress as well as your personal stress.

Get yourself back ontherighttrack and manage your stress. Life is too short to be stressed all of the time.

* Discover where your stress is coming from

* Look at this stress from a new angle and gain a new perspective

* Identify your major and minor causes of stress and learn attack methods to get the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time

* Learn to recognize and relieve the symptoms of stress

* Are you aware how your stress is affecting you? (I bet your family knows)

* 5 stages and symptoms of chronic stress(with hardhitting counterattacks for each stage)

* How to deal with the stress of working with othersworking styles create stresshow to conquer stress caused by others!* Learn about your own natural tendencieshow they create stress, and what to do about them. Yes, your personality has an impact


Learn to put it all together and make it work for you. Stress is a fact of lifesuffering from too much stress is not. Invest just one day to make the difference in your life today!


Price of the workshop includes:

  1. Live Q&A session following presentation
  2. Recording of session (available for 60 days)
  3. 30 days free email one-on-one coaching

“This workshop/webinar is in compliance with certification guidelines for PACE, CAP, and CCAP. Please ensure you ask Rhonda for your certification upon completion.”