Empowering Your Voice: Mastering Confidence and Assertiveness- 1 Hour Webinar with Susan Leahy

November 9, 2023 @ 1 : 00 pm - 2 : 00 pm EDT

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Your Presenter: Susan Leahy

Empowering Your Voice: Mastering Confidence and Assertiveness

In today’s dynamic and competitive landscape, the ability to assert oneself confidently and effectively is a crucial skill. Join us for an engaging webinar, “Empowering Your Voice: Mastering Confidence and Assertiveness,” where you’ll embark on a thought-provoking journey that will support you to be more confident and assertive in life both personally and professionally. 

 This webinar is led by certified speaking professional and coach, Susan Leahy MA CSP.  Susan’s webinar goes beyond traditional self-confidence workshops and dives deep into the art of assertiveness as a tool to communicate your ideas, needs, and boundaries with clarity and conviction and confidence.

 Key Highlights:

Confidence Unleashed: Discover practical strategies to enhance your self-assurance and project confidence in various professional and personal settings.

 Assertive Communication: Learn how to express your thoughts, opinions, and desires assertively, fostering open dialogue and constructive interactions.

 Boundary Setting: Gain insights into establishing healthy boundaries that empower you to manage expectations and maintain respectful relationships.

 Overcoming Challenges: Explore effective approaches to overcome common challenges that hinder assertiveness, such as fear of confrontation or the impulse to acquiesce.

 Practical Scenarios: Through real-world scenarios and interactive exercises, you’ll develop a toolkit to confidently navigate challenging conversations and negotiations.

 Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your leadership prowess or an individual aiming to amplify your personal impact, this webinar equips you with the skills to authentically empower your voice. Elevate your confidence, influence, and interactions – join us for “Empowering Your Voice: Mastering Confidence and Assertiveness.”


Price of the workshop includes:

  1. Live Q&A session following presentation
  2. Recording of session (available for 60 days)
  3. 30 days free email one-on-one coaching

“This workshop/webinar is in compliance with certification guidelines for PACE, CAP, and CCAP. Please ensure you ask Rhonda for your certification upon completion.”