From Admin to Strategic Partner – Two Day ONLINE LIVE Workshop

November 7 + 8 @ 1 : 00 pm - 4 : 00 pm EST

Registration Fees

Only $595 * If five or more employees from your company wish to attend, each attendee will cost only $495

Your Presenter: Rhonda Scharf

The days of taking dictation, personal assistance for each boss, and using an old-fashioned typewriter ended in the 70s. The secretary is gone. From secretary, we moved to administrative assistant, executive assistant, personal assistant, and roles in which we were supporting professionals. We supported departments, executives, and operations. We ensured that business moved forward by taking care of the little details that no one noticed such as scheduling, travel, expenses, and generally made life a lot easier for others. 

And now, times have changed, and we are now “Strategic Partners.” We no longer support the function of the business or the executive. We work in conjunction with the department, the executive, or the business. We are autonomous. And we are far more visible than we have ever been in the past. We are no longer invisible (or we should not be invisible); we are very much a part of the success of the department, executive, or company.

Working as a strategic partner requires a mind shift in terms of how we approach our profession.

This workshop is going to pull back the curtain to see what is required to be a Strategic Partner. In open, honest, and transparent conversations, we will delve into:

  • What does it mean to be a Strategic Partner? How is that different from Assistant?
  • What attributes do I need to have and what do I need to improve?
  • Imposter Syndrome. Why it happens and what to do about it
  • Perform a SWOT analysis on what is working, and what isn’t (and set goals to mark improvements)
  • Working with different attitudes and behaviors. You won’t always be on the same page – and what to do about it
  • Dealing with interpersonal conflict professionally


Develop the leadership qualities you need and discover how to demonstrate them daily.

This workshop will open your eyes to your new future and successes! Come ready to share, to learn, and above all, move into the future!

Workshop includes:

  • Two half-days (three hours each) of intensive and surprisingly fun training from Nov 7-8 @1:00 – 4:00 PM ET
  • Interactive, hands-on training. You’ll be working in teams, breakout rooms, anonymous polling, and quizzes to increase retention!
  • One year of coaching with Rhonda to continually sharpen your skills. Coaching is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL
  • 60 days recording of sessions so you can review what you’ve learned to reinforce the learning


How does this work?

• We will courier you all the materials you need to attend the workshop
(workbook along with a few other surprises).
• We host the workshop online in a virtual Zoom room (secure and safe)
• You will receive the recording for 60 days following the workshop
• Rhonda will be your coach for an entire year (she will help you with any
aspects of being a strategic partner you may need)
• The session is divided into two, three-hour sessions (delivered on different
days to avoid Zoom fatigue)
• Fully interactive: we use breakout rooms and open discussions (small
attendance to ensure everyone has time to ask all their questions).
• Certificates provided
• Day One covers all the “What you need to know” in the workshop, while Day
Two focuses on the “Application” of that information (what it looks like, how to
do it, the real-world implementation side of being a strategic partner)

• You can ask questions throughout the entire session at any point. There
is no one size fits all approach to becoming a strategic partner. We will ensure that
you know what you need to know (and you have Rhonda to help when you get back to work