Improving Communication Between Departments – 1 Hour Webinar

Dec 19 @ 3 : 00 pm - 4 : 00 pm EDT

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Your Presenter: Rhonda Scharf

Improving Communication Between Departments


Does communication break down between departments in your organization? You are not alone. We know that when communication does break down, the business struggles to be efficient and productive. It harms many companies.

According to a recent survey, two out of every three employees believe that the communication between departments within their organization is poor.

But it can be fixed. For departments to work together, they must master clear and regular communication, build trust, avoid conflict, and break down information silos are essential to ensure success and productivity.

This webinar will show you how.

You will learn:

–           The top 10 ways to ensure regular and effective communication between departments

–           Tips for setting company-wide objectives

–           Breaking down information silos

–           Building trust

–           Avoiding conflict and finger pointing

Price of the workshop includes:

  1. Live Q&A session following presentation
  2. Recording of session (available for 60 days)
  3. 30 days free email one-on-one coaching

“This workshop/webinar is in compliance with certification guidelines for PACE, CAP, and CCAP. Please ensure you ask Rhonda for your certification upon completion.”