Professional Effectiveness – A Half-Day Program

May 25 @ 1 : 00 pm - 4 : 00 pm EDT

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Your Presenter: Rhonda Scharf


Do you complain that you don’t have enough time? Do you ever feel that you will never catch up and it frustrates you? You are efficient, you are more than competent, but when it comes to getting everything done, it just never happens.

We all fall into habits and routines that we are convinced work; until we start
looking them and question exactly why we are doing something that way when it
doesn’t always make sense.

Your effectiveness isn’t just about you do during the day. It is about asking the
right question, prioritizing the right activity in that time, and managing the
interruptions placed us by others. We need to work smarter, not harder!

This fully interactive, workshop will introduce you to practical techniques in
helping you achieve better results through professional effectiveness. You will
learn how to organize your time more effectively and be introduced to tools and
perspectives to better manage your workload. We deal with the reality of a busy
workspace, changing priorities and multiple deadlines, and don’t rely on the
theory of time management!

Here is what you will learn:

  •  Identifying time management challenges
  •  Discussing the common time management mistakes and identifying how to
    work smarter, not harder
  •  Managing multiple priorities and multiple people
  •  Developing a personal time management action plan
  •  Managing internal and external obstacles
  •  Getting organized
  •  Controlling the telephone and voicemail
  •  Managing email overload
  •  Instantly re-prioritize your day so you can do the right thing at the right time!
  •  Plan your day (even allowing for last minute challenges) to ensure productivity

Price of the workshop includes:

  1. Interactive, hands on training on the spot.
  2. Recording of session (available for 60 days)
  3. 1 year of coaching and mentoring