Alexa is Stealing Your Job: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Your Future (Softcover Copy)



Alexa is Stealing Your Job is a guided tour of where the world has been with artificial intelligence and how it affects the future of work.

Artificial intelligence is taking over. Ask Alexa to call a client or confirm your schedule for the day and she does just that immediately. Ask her a question, give her a command, or just share a joke together, and she becomes your new best employee. A conversation with Alexa can nix the need for millions of front-line workers. Today’s companies must keep up with artificial intelligence to keep their customers, and today’s employees must find new ways to provide value to their companies if they want to keep their job. Author and speaker Rhonda Scharf shows readers how a willingness to adapt to the new normal keeps both businesses and their employees relevant in these changing times. Alexa Is Stealing Your Job reveals what the future entails by diving into the world of AI and exploring how it impacts lives, careers, and the future.