Confrontation Skills Book (PDF Copy)



It’s typical during a confrontation to shut down completely, or to lash out in anger and say something you regret. But it’s possible to learn, quick and easily, how to say what you need to say when a situation requires it – while maintaining control, confidence and composure.

When you do it right, learning, practicing and mastering confrontation skills drastically improves your working life as you improve your communication skills, even in the most highly charged situations. In your job, confrontation may be unavoidable, but you can handle it with ease and grace when you know how.

Learn NOW how to deal effectively with confrontation so that you always get your point across clearly, every time, while building relationships based on mutual respect.

Rhonda Scarf is a professional speaker, trainer and author who knows how to argue – just ask her husband! Through her experiences, stories, skills and techniques, she will share with you how YOU can argue and win.