Beat The Bully Webinar



Do you work with a bully?

The definition of bullying is activity that is unfair, humiliating, malicious, vindictive and intended to harm the victim. It is persistent and prolonged. In today’s high-tech world, bullying isn’t limited strictly to face-to-face interactions; this behavior has taken to computer networks, where it shows its face in nasty emails (after all, email gives you more time to choose your words and be unemotional – and it gives you a paper trail). No matter how it happens, though, bullying can be hurtful and it also can damage professional reputations.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your boss is constantly saying things to humiliate you with malicious comments and vindictive phone calls. What if you knew exactly what to do to put an end to the bullying – without losing your job?
  • You are sick and tired of a particular co-worker bullying you, but have no idea how to handle it without creating a huge confrontation. What if you could learn concrete steps to take so that you could confront your bully and carry on a civilized conversation?
  • You don’t want to quit your job, but you’re at your wit’s end with a bully in the office. It’s affecting every aspect of your life; in fact, you don’t even sleep most nights! What if you could create a working action plan for putting a stop to the bullying, even if it meant working with HR and Senior Management?
  • You’re tired of cowering behind your desk every time you hear your bully approaching. You’re tired of being afraid of his next demeaning comment and its effect on you. What if you could learn specific things to say to put a stop to it so you could feel comfortable at work?


I have some good news: you are in the right place.

I’m Rhonda Scharf, CSP, North America’s Workplace Efficiency Expert. I’m a highly experienced professional speaker with Certified Speaking Professional designation, who has spoken in 10 different countries to literally tens of thousands of people. I was the 2004 National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and I sat on the board of the International Federation of Professional Speakers. I’ve consulted with some of the world’s most recognized companies including Sony, Mercedes-Benz, the US Coast Guard, Exxon Mobil, Bank of Canada, all levels of government in Canada and the US. Plus, a CSP is the highest speaking designation in the world.


So what’s my secret?

Beating the Bully.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

When you do it right, Beating the Bully drastically improves your working life as you learn why bullying happens, how to confront your bully, and how to be assertive – and if all that fails, how to create a working plan of action for putting a permanent stop to bullying so you can do what you’re there to do – your job.


What will Beating the Bully do for you?


It will:

  • Make you feel more comfortable at the place where you spend a majority of your time!
  • Help you to know exactly what to do when you’re being bullied – and how to put an end to it, while maintaining your professionalism and composure.
  • Show you your choices when you work with a bully!

So how do you do it?

I know it’s not easy. If Beating the Bully were easy, this page wouldn’t exist. In workplaces and on schoolyards everywhere, bullies would not exist. But unfortunately, Beating the Bully isn’t easy – but it’s much easier when you know precisely how to do it.

You may think you’ve tried before to figure out how best to Beat the Bully. Maybe you read some books. Maybe you contacted your HR representative or even your attorney to discover the best course of action.


Maybe you have tried – but have you tried Beating the Bully MY way?

There are some very specific, very crucial components to Beating the Bully – and you may be overlooking some of them either because you don’t know about them or because you don’t realize their importance.

It’s not your fault you haven’t had success in the past, or that the bullying situation at work has gotten out of control, to the point where you don’t know what to do. Very few people teach what I teach, which is a proven, working strategy you can apply immediately in any bullying situation.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me as I reveal my system for handling bullying at work – for confronting your bully, being assertive, and employing the choices available to you for ending a stressful situation.


“Beat the Bully”

You are about to discover a system it has taken me years to develop – and you’re about to gain all the information you need to get a handle on the bullying, for good, while maintaining your sanity and your job.

Whether you’ve read other books and bought other materials, without success, or are trying this for the first time, you’ll discover strategies and techniques you can use in any bullying situation at work.


Here’s what “Beat the Bully” will cover:

  • What if the bully is your boss – and how to approach the situation without losing your job.
  • Working with HR and Senior Management – without feeling like you’re tattling on your co-worker.
  • Why bullying happens – and what you can do about it.
  • Creating your action plan – so you know what you can do to improve your situation.
  • How to confront your bully – without creating a highly charged situation.
  • Your choices when you work with a bully – you do have them!


Here’s how:

  • “Beat The Bully” is a pre-recorded 1-hour webinar can attend immediately! You watch the screen and listen to me explain the strategy you need.
  • You can listen to this recording as often as you like for the next seven days! And, I encourage you to listen to it many times – just play it in the background the same way you would listen to music. Your brain will absorb and you’ll know what to do the next time your difficult person sets you in their targets! You also get 30 days of free coaching along with this webinar.

What do I do?

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  • Follow the onscreen prompts to pay your low price of only $99 to access this session
  • Listen/Watch/Learn for the next seven days!