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June 11 + 12 @ 1 : 00 pm – 4 : 00 pm EDT

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Rhonda and the ON THE RIGHT TRACK team are here to help you rock your job and become a people power expert, so you can feel valued and appreciated! It all starts here…

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Project Management for Non Project-Managers, Having Difficult Conversations, Minute Taking Made Easy…if you want to learn about it, we definitely have an upcoming workshop or online training! Have a look at our full catalog of training opportunities here.

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Our annual conference is coming up, May 15 to 17, and this year it’s 100% online! Let’s celebrate our accomplishments in big style with an incredible online conference of education for admins everywhere! 

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Rhonda’s incredible keynotes and training are the best investment you’ll make all year! Fun, entertaining, informative, Rhonda is truly a world-class speaker and trainer who will make sure your attendees learn something new, and have fun while doing it!


Get the ON THE RIGHT TRACK team working with you to achieve results! Rhonda’s unique style of consulting helps you build solutions to turn any stumbling block into an opportunity. Rhonda brings her extensive experience to help you with vision, passion, skills so you can navigate the unknown into opportunity


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Looking for the RIGHT professional development training, webinar or keynote to WOW your team? You’re in the right place! On The Right Track is an unparalleled expert in professional development training. Our vast training catalog sets the standard across the industry.

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Meet Rhonda Scharf

Rhonda Scharf, renowned and award-winning speaker, author, consultant, and trainer, is the “go-to” expert for the Administrative Professional and Executive Assistant community.

With over 250,000+ trained across the globe, Rhonda is THE authority for fun and uplifting education for admins, because #ADMINSROCK!

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Here’s What they are saying

Rhonda Scharf, what a session - wow!

Your energy and your delivery was 🔊 I listened intently and wanted to soak it all in, not missing anything. You made Project Management so applicable and so clear 📍thank you.

Samina Azam, Executive Assistant, Microsoft

Rhonda truly is a world class speaker trainer.

Her session on Project Management for Administrative Assistants at the Executive Support Conference in London 2022 was educational, entertaining and a must book for your teams!

Abigail Barnes, Time Management Author

Minutes made interesting?

YES! Or at least, minute taking made more manageable and meaningful. We partnered with Rhonda for a workshop for our Admin Professionals network, and the reviews were excellent. The information and strategies shared were useful and could be implemented immediately.

Holly Hampson, Executive Director at Quebec Association of Independent Schools

Where to begin! Rhonda Scharf is amazing.

She was informative, energetic, kept the conversations going live, on chat, and with the hand raises. Virtual is a challenge but not for Rhonda. We felt like she was sitting right in front of us. Her content was fresh and engaging. We will have her back again at LEAST two more times this year. Rhonda, thank you for strengthening our workforce!

Karen Moe,
Executive Assistant at Chevron

Great seminar last night with Rhonda Scharf on Leadership.

Here’s a simple exercise – think about the experiences you have had with the leadership where you have worked. I cannot recommend her enough. It was a great reminder of who I am and who I want to be.

Lori-jo Jaycox, CAP, Senior Administrative Assistant, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

I just wanted to share a proud moment with you as a result of your Email Ninja workshop I attended last week.

I have been managing to keep my inbox at zero all day since the workshop!!! What an amazing feeling and I’m determined every day to keep going and share some of the tips with my colleagues to help them.

Anik Stark, CESP, CHEO

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